September 1, 2018

Top 6 Tips for Your Winter Storage Units

Now that summer vacation is over, winter storage is just around the corner. Getting your storage units ready for all your seasonal items takes time and St. Joseph Self Storage has the storage solutions. Looking to store your RV or vehicle for winter? Our Gene Field Road location has outdoor vehicle storage spaces, so you can keep your summer transportation safe.

storage units St Joseph MO

Prepare with winter storage units and tips

  • Use a heavy-duty cover to keep snow and rain from damaging your paint.
  • Inflating tires to the maximum psi will prevent flat spots while in storage.
  • Keep critters out by vacuuming and shampooing car seats.
  • Parking brakes are best left off when storing in the cold. Chock your wheel instead of using your parking brake.
  • A fuel stabilizer will prolong the life of your gas tank and fluids inside.
  • To extend the life of your battery, remove it and keep it on a tender. Leaving the battery in your car will result in a springtime replacement.

Vehicle storage in St. Joseph MO is one service we provide to assist our customers. If you are a business looking to store extra cars, talk with our storage experts at St. Joseph Self Storage on Gene Field Road. Storing a few household tools but need a safe place to keep them? With another storage facility a short drive away, you can swap your seasonal belongings with ease.

We are ready to meet your storage needs with winter storage units ideal for your gear!

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