April 8, 2019

Packing Up The Dorm Room 101

Swapping your school books, for vacation days, summer is around the corner and St. Joseph Self Storage is getting ready with St. Joseph MO college storage tips. Our easy storage solutions for summer will help keep all your school supplies organized and ready for the next semester. St. Joseph Self Storage has 2 self storage locations ready to help you find your ideal storage unit.

A storage unit can offer a safe space close to campus to store as well as help keep your room at home in order. Many students use a short term storage option like St. Joseph Self Storage to keep all their dorm room belongings in one easy to load location. Talk with storage experts at either location to find your summer storage solution today.

College Storage Tips

  1. Defrosting your fridge before storing it is best so you do not have a puddle in your storage unit.
  2. Storing with a friend or storing by yourself, make sure labels are on each box. We have labels, boxes, and other storage supplies ready for purchase in our storage offices.
  3. Selling books from previous courses can be an easy way to help another student out and make up the initial cost from the fall. Check out other ways to sell online with the help of storage on last month’s blog.
  4. Use mattress covers and plastics tarps to coat the floor so your items stay dirt and dust free.
  5. Purchase a lock to ensure your gear is safe. If our storage facility is close to one of the campuses nearby, rest easy knowing our facilities use 24 hour digital recorded cameras.

Storing for a few weeks in between semesters or storing after graduation, St. Joseph Self Storage can be the storage solution you need. While you prepare for the end of another school year, let our St. Joseph MO college storage ideas assist with packing up your dorm room.

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