August 8, 2018

Self Storage Tips: Prepare for the End of Summer

With the end of summer drawing near, now is the time to team up with St. Joseph Self Storage. You will be organized and ready for cooler weather with our self storage tips and easily accessible storage units. Our drive up storage units and temperature controlled storage can be the answer to storing summer gear. Check out the easiest ways to get ready for winter with the help of self storage in Saint Joseph MO.

Summer self storage tips

Self Storage Tips Saint Joseph MO

  • Fiberglass canoes trap moisture in, even after a few days out of the water. This leftover moisture can be an issue if left unaddressed. Use DampRid to keep things dry all year long.
  • Use a scrub brush on patio furnishings to start the winterizing process by removing dirt. Then apply a new coat of paint to make your hard work last.
  • Labels on the outside of the box will alleviate any confusion come next spring.
  • Once the pool is ready for winter, clear out your garage by storing chemicals in a temperature controlled unit.
  • Before you swap the lawn mower for the snow blower empty anything flammable out of the tanks.
  • Sharpen your gardening tools now so you can get to work as soon as the nice weather returns.
  • Sort through your closet to discard anything that dose not fit or you no longer wear. The rest can be packed in a large box and moved to storage.

Clear out outdoor equipment, beach toys, and seasonal garments with the help of self storage in St. Joseph MO. While you enjoy the last weeks before fall, St. Joseph Self Storage is gathering the self storage tips you need for winter storage. Both of our locations offer secure drive up storage units and  storage professionals on-site, to ensure you have all the key feature you are looking for when renting.

Find your next storage rental at a location near you and rent online to save time.

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