March 15, 2019

Swap Items For Space: Tips For Selling Online

With spring on the way, now is a great time to swap your belongings for open space. This month we are featuring tips to prepare products to sell online. St. Joseph Self Storage has storage space to keep the items safe and tips to help the sale go successfully. From college student storage for the summer or business storage for inventory, we have you covered.

St. Joseph Self Storage has 2 locations, one on Gene Field Road and another on South Riverside Road. You can store your keepsakes with us or your products before shipping them out. Our St. Joseph MO storage space is here to make your space saving needs simple.

Sell Online St. Joseph MO

How to Sell Online?

  1. Start with a few good photos. Take several at different angles and up close shots of the piece.
  2. Your description should include any disclaimers about the piece. For example, “Will need repaired.” Be honest if it is broken.
  3. Many sites do not allow anything related to alcohol. Avoid posting products along that subject matter.
  4. Selling something name brand? Show your customer it is authentic with a photo of the tags.

Benefits of Using Self Storage To Sell Products

  1. Self storage keeps you organized while you promote your gear.
  2. Our office is open to accepting packages for tenants.
  3. Store your items for sale out of the home or apartment, so you can enjoy your organized home faster.

St. Joseph Self Storage is vital to many customers with an online shop. Websites like Facebook Marketplace, Let Go, and Offer Up are good starting points. Post on a few different sites to get the most views and a fast sale. Many of these sites have apps to download so you can stay up to date on your sale and post directly from your phone.

Self storage in St. Joseph MO is just a click away. Rent your storage unit now and prepare for the next business adventure.

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